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Dr. John Flower (Director, Sidwell Friends School Chinese Studies Program, Ph.D. University of Virginia) and Dr. Pamela Leonard (Ph.D. University of Cambridge), the founders of CFHR, have worked in partnership with the Linden Centre on the China Fieldwork Semester, an innovative experiential education program based in Xizhou, since 2014.  The CFHR project is an extension of the China Fieldwork Semester program that will “bring China to the students” just as the semester program brings students to China.  We hope that the project to rebuild the China Folk House will create a cultural bridge connecting the communities of greater Washington DC, Jefferson County, and northwest Yunnan.


Jonathan Morrison

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Our Partners

Interested in a partnership with CFHR? E-mail us at

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 Many dedicated donors have made possible the China Folk House Retreat 

We are grateful to the Daofeng and Angela Foundation and Bedrock Foundation for their outstanding generosity as leading supporters

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