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Cultural Exchange

The China Folk House is organized around the dream of opening a bridge of mutual understanding and people-to-people exchange with China. We believe that cultural exchange can lead to transformative change at international, community, and individual levels. We are committed to providing accessible cultural exchange opportunities through our programs and exhibitions. 

Chinese Language and Culture Programming


We provide opportunities for students to get a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and language in our educational programming. During our summer craft school and overnight camp, students are immersed in interactive lessons that touch on topics related to Chinese culture such as kung fu, traditional Chinese medicine, and traditional Chinese architectural practices. During our summer programming, we provide daily Chinese language classes. Throughout the year, we work with school groups to custom make lessons on Chinese culture and architecture for students visits. 

Museum of Rural Chinese Folk Life


We are in the process of developing the China Folk House into a Museum of Chinese Rural Folklife focusing on the theme of “tradition and transformation.” Co-founders Dr. John Flower and Dr. Pam Leonard and research fellow Dr. Khamo are currently working to research topics and materials connected to the house. Our goal is to convey the richness of Chinese rural traditions that are embodied in a Chinese house, and to understand how everyday life in rural China was transformed by key state policies and historical events during the revolutionary and reform periods of the last century. Different spaces of the house will be associated with  specific themes of rural folklife, and explore the dramatic historical changes within each of these themes through the story of the house, its material culture, the original owners of the house, and the community of Cizhong as case studies revealing the broader transformations of rural China. 

Although the Museum is not completed, visitors are welcome to make an appointment for a tour by emailing us at

Coming Soon: Jianchuan Pavilion Project 

The Jianchuan Pavilion Project will connect master carpenters from the Jianchuan Craftsman Cooperative in Jianchuan, Yunnan with craftmasters from the West Virginia Timber Framers Guild to collaborate on a Pavilion. We hope to initiate this program in 2024-2025. This Pavilion will not only complete the courtyard and provide lodging for visitors, but this people-to-people exchange could foster mutual understanding among communities that don’t often have the opportunity to participate in cultural exchanges: working craftsmen from rural areas. Funding this project is a unique opportunity to help “build common ground.” If you are interested in financially supporting this project, please contact us

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