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Experiential Education

Learn by doing 

By offering students an opportunity become fully immersed in their education, CFH captures the potential in experiential learning and community building. Through our programs, we empower students to engage in their own education and join our local community to build common ground. We give our community members a chance to be part of a big idea, and they respond with commitment, coming back year after year to build themselves into the China Folk House. 

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Coming Soon: Tailored Workshops 


Once essential facilities on the site are completed, we will host a series of workshops that focus on themes directly related to the China Folk House, using our staff’s expertise. In the future, you can look forward to learning about: 

Botany, agriculture, food, and healing

Hands-on workshops using the China Folk House gardens to learn about ethnobotany of northwest Yunnan; herbal medicine; Chinese garden crops and traditional agricultural practices, and Chinese cooking using the Folk House woks and kitchen tools. Spring programs would include learning about native plants and local biodiversity.


Sustainable building

Drawing on our expertise developed in the rebuilding of the China Folk House, we offer workshops on building traditional rammed earth and hempcrete walls to enclose the courtyard; using traditional joinery techniques to build garden structures, gatehouses, and camp buildings. 

Retreats, symposia, and interfaith dialogue

The China Folk House is an ideal site for hosting all kinds of retreats, from intimate academic seminars to spiritual retreats fostering dialogue between religious traditions (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, including Quakers, Catholicism, and other Christian sects).

Chinese culture programming

CFH can sponsor day-long weekend workshops on different aspects of Chinese culture, from cooking jiu da wan (“nine big bowls”) dinners in the courtyard followed by an outdoor screening of a Chinese film, to taiji quan and martial arts classes, to programs on tea, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, fengshui, gardening, festivals—all aspects of culture.

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