Pascale Bronder, Director

Pascale Bronder is an alumna of the first China Fieldwork Semester program in 2014 and a graduate of Sidwell Friends School (2015) and Yale University (2019).  She has a strong commitment to environmental work and international engagement, and is currently working in renewable energy project finance for the Dutch bank ING. From Yunnan to Harbin, Pascale has long appreciated the diversity and adventure to be found in China. Pascale blended her love of Mandarin and sustainability by writing on the pollution mitigants in Lake Erhai while on CFS and a critical analysis of Chinese government environmental policy during an immersive Chinese language study abroad program during university. While her undergraduate degree focused on Environmental Science and Energy Studies, and her professional focus is now on the Americas, Pascale looks for opportunities to engage with issues intertwining China and the environment, such as attending webinars on the sourcing of polysilicon in solar panels from China. Pascale can be found splitting her time across Seattle, WA and New York City.