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Support Our Building Projects

We are in the process of constructing our Commercial Kitchen, Garden, and Bunkhouses. Once completed, these structures will enable the China Folk House to host overnight programs, thereby enhancing the experiential learning and exchange aspects of our vision. But we can't build these features alone! Please read below for ways to get involved with out building projects and remember that every little bit helps. 

Join Our Kitchen Campaign

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Inspired by a rustic building in the original Chinese compound, the commercial kitchen will feature an outdoor station with traditional built-in double woks for demonstrating and teaching the cooking of large meals in the traditional Chinese style. It will also have all the essential elements to meet American legal standards for the preparation of food for large groups. The design highlights the consonance between Quaker and Chinese ideals of functional simplicity.

We need a kitchen to run our summer camp in 2023! This is an urgent request! You can support our kitchen campaign by donating funds or kitchen equipment. If you fund the construction of the kitchen, we would love to name the structure in your honor. Please contact us if you would like to make donations over $5000. If you cannot support with financial resources, you can support our kitchen project by volunteering on-site or donating kitchen appliances. CFHR hosts monthly Volunteer Days, so keep a look out for announcements by following our social media and subscribing to our mailing list.  

Commercial grade Items needed:
  • propane stove 4-6 burner
  • stove hood,
  • refrigerator,
  • freezer,
  • three compartment sink,
  • ice maker,
  • hot and cold serving,
  • metro shelving

Help Grow Our Garden


The garden will functionally demonstrate Chinese organic vegetable gardening in an intensive intercropped style. A separate set of plantings will showcase the history of medicinal and ornamental plants gathered by the “plant hunters”  in Southwest China in the 19th and early 20th century. Elsewhere potted specimens will  show the aesthetic traditions of courtyard cultivation. Outside the courtyard, an adjacent  pond is being redeveloped as an aesthetic site in keeping with Chinese garden ideals. The gardens at the China Folk House Retreat will serve as a critical teaching tool for lessons in ethnobotany, agriculture, food and healing. It will also allow us to teach about the  history of agricultural change in China, and the evolving trends which have, for the most  part, undermined their organic traditions.


We all know that saying-- "Money doesn't grow on trees in ethnobotany gardens." We need funding for to expand our garden projects. Please consider donating! For donations over $5000, please reach out to us


Build Our Bunkhouses

Bunkhouses are a crucial next step that will complete our basic infrastructure and make the CFHR site fully operational. We need bunkhouses to run our summer camp in 2023! During the summer, our bunkhouses will be home to our Craft School students. In the Spring and Fall, visitors will stay in the bunkhouses while attending workshops and retreat programs at the Folk House. These down-to-earth bunkhouses will host up to 24 visitors for a fully immersive experience of the China Folk House. 


Please consider donating to our Bunkhouse Campaign! We have one timber frame prototype ready and our current campaign aims to raise $124,000 to build the remaining three structures. If you donate the cost of a whole bunkhouse, we would love to name the structure after you, with a nice plaque to make it real!  

 Many dedicated donors have made possible the China Folk House Retreat 

We are grateful to the Daofeng and Angela Foundation and Bedrock Foundation for their outstanding generosity as leading supporters

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