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Camp Wholesome

At Camp Wholesome, students are immersed in a two week experiential learning session where they work together to reassemble the China Folk House. We give students tools, materials, and a little guidance, then they use teamwork to organize themselves. Educators talk about global citizenship, environmental stewardship, community building, problem-solving, risk-taking, creativity, leadership, but at CFHR we go beyond talk, and give the kids a chance to do it! We give students a chance to be part of a big idea, and they respond with commitment, coming back year after year to build themselves into the China Folk House. Since 2019, rebuilding has been our program and scores of high school and college students have joined in that transformative experience. From 2019 to 2022, students have been learning the craft of sustainable building. They have contributed their labor to completing the facilities and learning the craft of traditional building in the process. Once Folk House is more complete, our summer camp programming will evolve into a craft school. Join us in taking the CFHR vision to the next level with the opening of our craft school in 2023! 

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