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China Folk House Retreat
Bunkhouse Plan

We have been working to design and permit four bunkhouses.  Mathieu, our engineer and master carpenter,  is creating the design in consultation with our timber-framing-guild friends.  It employs Chinese framing features learned while rebuilding the China Folk House.  

Bunkhouses are a crucial next step that will complete our basic infrastructure and make CFHR fully operational. Our summer camp activities barely break even because we have to rent facilities to house the campers.  In addition, it’s hard to find space for them all and our programs are constricted by this lack of housing.  

We hope to build four identical bunkhouses in a courtyard-like arrangement behind the China Folk House, not far from the bathhouse.  These 15x20 buildings will offer primitive (but beautiful!)  flexible accommodations for up to 24 students.  And they can be rearranged to accommodate families or other groups in the spring and fall seasons.  We hope to have one prototype ready by summer, and have timber framers working on the other three during weeks three and four of the summer program so students can be a part of the process.

We are currently doing funding campaign to build the four at an estimated cost of 15k each.  If you wanted to donate the cost of a whole bunkhouse, we’ll very happily name the structure after you, with a nice plaque to make it real!  

For large donations, please reach out to us by email or phone!

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bunkhouse 1.png
bunkhouse 2.png